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I need help ! I am a divorced mother, I have a daughter of 15, I live with my parents, my father is suffering from a stroke, we live in a small town Sliven, there is no job, the maintenance money + my parents' pension is a total of $ 342, everything is expensive, A normal life in another city where there is work. The rents are huge, the salaries are low, so I have to have my own home. My child wants to become a screenwriter, writes books and stories, books are ready, I want to publish them and look at the good side of life, she is an excellent student in English High School. I have no health insurance, the state does not care for my sick people, all my father cares are done by me and my mother, a retired teacher with a $ 102 pension. Please help us to start living real, I hope for a full grant, which one day I will not ask for, it will finally fail us as a family. Thank you, people (I do not know English well, sorry for the wrong words, I use the translator).
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Created Aug 07, 2017 Bulgaria

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